Raining Bombs / Swarm / Leathan / In Other Climes


lundi 15 avril    
19 : 00

Type d’évènement



RAINING BOMBS (Alternative New Metal – Antibes)
Cold Wind from the East, lethargy that precedes Sunrise, slow and icy descent into the abyss. Then the heart skips a beat and here come crashing certainties. A fall into equity, from rhythmical violence to comforting harmony, from fury to bliss. Raining Bombs surprises, disturbs and seduces but does not leave indifferent. A transcendant blend of power and romance, the Alternative New Metal.


SWARM (Thrash-Groove – Nice)
Swarm est un groupe de Metal des Alpes-Maritimes créé en 2013. Evoluant dans un mélange de Groove, Thrash et Hardcore, c’est après plusieurs années de travail qu’ils achèvent leur premier LP « Division & Disharmony »


LEATHAN (Post hardcore – Alternative Metal – Toulouse)


IN OTHER CLIMES (Thrash-hardcore – Nice)
Hailing from France, IN OTHER CLIMES is a metal hardcore band formed in 2004 by 5 members sharing the same goal : show to the world how they use their bestial energy to make each show a true party messiah.

Being one of the most active French band, and known for their video clips, the steamroller IN OTHER CLIMES, gained a strong international fan base through the years, giving them the opportunity to tour all accross the globe (USA, Brazil, Colombia, Japan, Cuba, China, S.E Asia, Mexico, Ukraine, Kenya, Europe…) and share the stage with bands such as : Down, The Dillinger Escape Plan, NOFX, Hatebreed, Entombed, Walls Of Jericho, Comeback Kid, Terror, Sick of it all to name a few.

No matter the kind of music you listen, when the show starts, a true blast of hate and revolt comes to minds and hearts, changing the whole crowd and band in a one voice screaming : ” ONE LIFE, ONE CHANCE, NO FUCKIN’ REGRETS ! “